“Transmedia Storytelling” by Kevin Purcell

transmedia storytelling by kevin purcell


Transmedia is generally defined as the relocation of narrative (in all its forms) across multiple distribution channels (or outlets). It is often described conceptually as a storytelling approach where the narrative elements are cut-up and redistributed across different platforms and media – often at the same time. In actuality, it is more complex than this.

It has been extensively used in the Film & Television industries for now well over a decade. Equally, in recent years, the speed and capabilities of the Internet has led to new models of storytelling evolve, foregrounding the emergence of new narrative forms making extensive use of video, audio, social media etc. blurring the lines between traditional media presentation and ‘new’ media.


So far, the use of Transmedia in Musical Theatre has not gained the same traction as its sophisticated, and near ubiquitous, use across film-video-based media. But the potential for transmedial narrative in musical theatre is significant. It will, amongst many other possibilities, provide a means for theatre creatives and producers to:

• Reach new audiences
• Open up a new revenue streams
• Increase existing revenue streams
• Increase membership of audience and participation
• Create loyalty and return visits with audiences engaged
• Experiment with new forms


This E-Book is about how to use the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to relocate the early steps of creative development of new musicals into the digital domain.

Why do this? Too many well conceived new musicals are being lost to potential avenues of further development and production opportunity because there is no entirely satisfactory way to substantially elaborate new musicals to potential producing partners and investors without known, and very significant, financial risks.

Recognising that there is no substitute to the unparalleled visceral experience of live theatre the ideas presented might be thought of as a surrogate approach to better provide for the best possible birth and survival of new musicals onto the professional stage.

It is often difficult to also assess the potential audience response for new musicals without strong visual and sonic artefacts to gauge audience reaction. This E-Book offers practical and scalable solutions for creative teams to best show their evolving new work in the digital space as a complementary strategy to more commonly practised approaches to getting new projects off-the-ground.

The E-Book provides an array of techniques and tools able to be used to create transmedial applications of new musicals, and places the application of these tools in the hands of creative teams without any prior knowledge of working in the digital sphere.

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