Castle Gillian A New Musical

Castle Gillian (Workshopping Fall 2017)*

The Man With 100 Faces

The Man With 100 Faces (Launches 2018)**

The Mapmaker's Opera

The Mapmaker’s Opera (Musical) in continuing Development

*CASTLE GILLIAN – A New Irish Musical
based on the novel by Maurice Walsh (author of ‘The Quiet Man’)

With permission granted by the Estate of Maurice Walsh for the first time since the 1960s for a musical stage adaptation of a story by the famed Irish author, Kevin Purcell (music) and Victor Kazan (lyrics) have teamed up with one of Australia’s most successful and inspiring authors, Kate Forsyth (book & lyrics) to bring this remarkable and heart-warming love story to the stage.

Set in Ireland in the 1930s, tells the story of a young man, broken by the war, and his family’s struggle to keep the ancestral home, Castle Gillian, a once-famous horse-racing stable from being acquired by a ruthless local land owner – and would-be-suitor to the family’s daughter.

**THE MAN WITH 100 FACES [Transmedia Theatre]

The Man With 100 Faces is the world’s first combined transmedial and live-performance music theatre work. Designed for multi-platform narrative, this dramatic entertainment moves audiences into a blurred fictional-reality world between WWI and present day.

The storyline and interactive elements move seamlessly between part augmented-reality game, part social-media conversation, part video curated performance and live theatre action.

As the story unfolds across time and space, the interactive audience is propelled through an incredible story of honor, espionage and the rescue of Britain’s greatest spy – as based on actual events – and left astonished at how the real-life connection to some of the most famous novels of British literary espionage could have been kept secret for so long!

based on the novel by Béa Gonzalez

A turn-of-the-century love story set in the Yucatán Peninsula, México, of two star-crossed lovers. Set in and around the city of Mérida, the long practiced cultivation of the cactus plant (Henequen) by agrarian farm workers has made the local land barons prosperous beyond imagination. But now, on the eve of the 1910 Revolution, the threat of widespread insurgency across the country, combined with the appalling working and living conditions under which the predominately Mayan slave-workers contend, foments the real likelihood of erupting and bloody violence.

Into this world arrives a young man from Spain, Diego Clemente. An illustrator of extraordinary talent, he begins to work with the esteemed American naturalist, Edward W. Nelson on a much needed volume of the Birds of México. However Diego is almost immediately struck by the beauty of Sofia Duarte, the only daughter of a impecunious bookshop owner in Mérida whom, unbeknownst to everyone including his family, is secretly in debt to the most notorious of the local land barons.

The ensuing multi-faceted action – containing a cast of delightfully drawn characters – sets the scene for a denouement that will leave you utterly breathless.

The Mapmaker’s Opera premiered Off-Broadway at the Pearl Theatre Space in 2014.  The work is currently in re-writes.

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