The Stranger From Seville

The Mapmaker's Opera

The Stranger From Seville (previously ‘The Mapmaker’s Opera’) in re-writes

Based on the novel, ‘The Mapmaker’s Opera’ by Béa Gonzalez (HarperCollins 2002)

The fate of two pairs of lovebirds—one human, one on the brink of extinction—converge in Gonzalez’s enchanting debut novel and inquiry into the nature of desire and the danger of passion in the tumultuous days preceding the Mexican Revolution.

Ever since those childhood days in his native Spain spent pouring over John James Audubon’s luminous illustrations, young Diego Clemente has dreamed of being able to see such birds in person. When the opportunity to work with a famous naturalist in Mexico presents itself, Diego immigrates to the vibrany city of Mérida in the Yucatán, where he immediately falls in love with Sofia, a beautiful but defiant woman just as entranced by these jeweled creatures as he is.

Tragically, when hordes of revolutionaries lay waste to a villa where an extraordinary aviary of the world’s rarest birds in existence are caged, both of Diego’s loves are jeopardized. With all the scope and majesty of the operatic productions that inspired her, Gonzalez’s tale of love, longing, and loss is a sweeping, romantic adventure. (courtesy: Carol Haggas)

The Stranger From Seville (as The Mapmaker’s Opera) premiered Off-Broadway in 2014, Pearl Theatre Space, 42nd Street, New York.

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