Recording Agents

Microphone in studio setting

At Quill & Quaver, we have established a unique brokerage service with a number of orchestras in Central and Eastern Europe, whilst not excluding professional non-Union orchestras in the USA and leading recording orchestras in the UK.

We work with both union and non-regulated orchestras, equally, all over the world.

We provide un-biased advice as to the most appropriate solution for your recording needs.  This decision is not made on price alone, but takes into full account what you wish to record, how your recording will be used, and its intended distribution.

We will broker and fully cost this service for you, irrespective of whether we collaborate in other ways with you on your project.

Before you commit to any recording dates, orchestra, or location, speak to us.  We’re not only passionate about getting the right fit for your project’s needs, but we will likely be able to negotiate a better price through our associated network of associates and contacts.

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