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Quill & Quaver Associates LLC is a multi-platform, creative storytelling, design company based in New York.

We create new, transmedial, music-theatre works as well as immersive fully interactive audience engagement projects for orchestras and opera companies.

We specialise in storytelling that embeds transparent integration of smart technologies into narratives to facilitate this depth of engagement whether by experiencing our stories online, in exhibition spaces or distributed across both physical and digital spheres.

As a creative design company we are solely focused on establishing and delivering new ways to tell stories that are multi-dimensional and cross-platform experiential.

We believe in curating artist-driven conceptions of creative work thereby facilitating a greater depth of audience engagement in the way our stories are able to be developed and told.

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Latest News

We’ve just completed a second project of the Australian Discovery Orchestra – a world-leading classical music organization breaking new ground in interactive audience development strategies.

The Miranda’s Waltz | Imaginary Symphony No. 1 interactive 3-D world was launched on 21 April 21, commissioned by Independent Schools Victoria (Aust.) for their 2017 Arts learning Festival.

The game-like environment was built, as usual, by our creative technology partners Ortelia Interactive with stunning illustrations by Amanda Howes (see below: The Man With 100 Faces)


©Ortelia Interactive ©Amanda Howes 2017. All Rights Reserved.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve also launched the website for our in-house project: a new Musical, Castle Gillian, by famed Irish novelist, Maurice Walsh (author of the most famous Irish movie of all time – The Quiet Man). Website design by Chris Stevens.  The extraordinary artwork is by iconic American illustrator, Edward. S. Gazsi.


Illustration ©2016 Ed. S. Gazsi.  All Rights Reserved.

It’s been a very busy time here at Q&Q designing a fully-interactive 3-D world for the Australian Discovery Orchestra.  The game-like environment was built by our creative technology partners, Ortelia Interactive who, once again, have done an astoundingly beautiful job on the project.

The ADO is Australia’s first Internet-only streaming professional symphony orchestra. Passionate about building audience engagement and finding new audiences for classical music, they have made their first foray into creating game-style immersive environments free-of-charge to anyone and everyone around the world. You can interact with it here.

The tender land

the tender land

The tender land

The tender land

©Ortelia Interactive 2016. All Rights Reserved.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that development on our world-first, interactive, thriller-genre, transmedial music theatre/opera project The Man With 100 Faces: a story of honor, espionage and the rescue of Britain’s greatest spy, is moving ahead full-steam. Based on a true story, this new transemedial interactive and  live-stage theatre work is being created with the collaboration with Ortelia Interactive and 2-D Art by Amanda Howes. Check out some amazing screen shots below from Level-1 ‘Scotland Chase’ episode.

This project has a long lead time because of its realtime interaction complexity, so check back for updates from time to time.





© Ortelia Interactive ©Amanda Howes 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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